Born in Szeged, on the 23rd of April n 1930.
1948-53: University of Fine Art sin Budapest (her masters were: Endre Domanovszky, István Szőnyi)
She went for study tours to the USA, Egypt and several other countries in Europe.

1953-55: She taught int he University of Applied Arts, Budapest.

Her works in public places:
1958: Window, Gellért Hotel, Budapest
1961: „Paprikastringers”, gobelin, Addis Abbeba, Hungarian Embassy
1964: ceramics wall picture, Miskolc, Trade Union Headquaters
1966: „Figures”, gobelin, National Central Planning Board
1967: „mosaiccover”, Pesti Theater, Budapest
1967: „Engineers”, gobelin, Technical University of Budapest
1968: „Friendship”, gobelin, Council of the Capital, Budapest
1968: frontal mosaic, Officehouse, Kiskőrös
1968: „Women”, gobelin, Ministry of Education, Budapest
1969: „Painter”, gobelin, Hungarian Institute, Prague
1970: „Herbs”, gobelin, Pharmaceutical Factory in Kőbánya, Budapest
1971: mosaic, Babits Mihály Cultural House, Szekszárd
1973: „Orange-Black composition”, gobelin, Foreign Affairs Hotel, Budapest
1974: „Protection of historic buildings”, gobelin, National Board of Historic Building Protection, Budapest
1976: „Sci-fi”, gobelin, HUngarian National Gallery
1979: window, Council of county Fejér, Székesfehérvár
1980: glassmosaic, Party Headquarters, Baja
1982: „Nógrád”, gobelin, County Council, Salgótarján
1984: „Gardener girl”, gobelin, Ministry of Education, Budapest

Individual Exhibitions:
1955: Fényes Adolf Hall, Budapest
1956: Szeged
1956: Hódmezővásárhely
1963: Galleria Scorpio, Rome (with Gabriella Hajnal, János Kass and György Kádár)
1964: Rome (with György Kádár)
1965, 1969 and 1977: Csók István Gallery, Budapest
1969: Salgótarján
1973: Helikon Gallery, Budapest
1977: Magyar House, Berlin
1977: Suhl
1978: Helikon Gallery, Budapest
1978: Kaesz Gyula Timber Industrial Secondary School, Budapest
1992: Móra Ferenc Museum, Szeged
2002: Szinyei Saloon, Budapest
2004: Körmendi Gallery, Budapest
2004: Atrium Hotel Gallery, Budapest
2006: ”Variations”, Újlipótvárosi Klubgaléria

Selection from her group exhibitions:
1958: World’s Fair in Brussels
1958: VIT in Wienna
1961, 1965: Paris Biennale de la Jeunesse
1966: XXXIII. Biennal in Venice
1969: Constructivist Biennal in Nurnberg
1972: Fredriksberg
1972: Wienna
1985: Hungarian Gobelin
1945-1985, Art Gallery

Prizes, Badges of Honour
1958: Painting Prize of Wienna VIT
1958: World’ Fair in Brussels, Diplome D’Honneur for the panno painted together with György Kádár
1958-61: Derkovits Scholarship
1966: Munkácsy Prize
1977: Munkácsy Prize
1985: Appriciated Artist