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ArcképKádár Katalin (1951—)

Born: Budapest, July 20, 1951.

Matriculated from the Grammar School of Fine and Applied Arts in 1969 as a student of István Balogh, Tibor Zala, Gábor Gacs and Árpád Bognár.
Graduated from the University of Fine – and Applied Arts and received a degree in 1973. Her teachers included Crescencia Zelenák, Jenő Barcsay, György Kádár, Zoltán Tamássi and Imre Kocsis.

Katalin Kádár graduated as an applied graphic artist and worked in different -areas within her field. She designed emblems, posters, artwork for television films and commercials, exhibition graphics, illustrations, children’s toys,-and postcards. Since 1980  she has been engaged in autonomic graphic work, but she paints and takes photos as well. Recently she grouped her works  according to the following topics: WATER, CITIES, TIME, SKY, ENTERING HEAVEN, ON THE BANK OF THE RIVER, LETHE, GOOD MORNING, SILENCE CURTAIN, GARGOYLES, ON THE WAY and COASTS. Each collection is made up of about 50 pieces. They are extremely varied technically, consistring of drawings, copperplates, aquarelles, pastells, and collages. Her works are regularly presented in newspapers and magazines. Katalin Kádár has taken part in Hungarian and foreign exhibitions with her works since 1972, and has organized over fifty independent exhibitions.

Her membership:

  • Art Foundation since 1973
  • Studio of Young Artists 1973-1986
  • Koller Gallery
  • Association of Hungarian Graphic Artists since 1992
  • D’Art Graphic Studio 1992-98
  • Company of Hungarian Illustrators since 1995
  • Altamira Society since 1996
  • Foundation for the Hungarian Graphic
  • Foundation for the Hungarian Poster
  • MAOE member of the committee
  • MAOE member of the supervisory board
  • Association of the Hungarian Caricaturists since 1999
  • Society of the Hungarian Etchers since 2001
  • Gallery Lénia Foundation President, Board Member since 2011

Individual Exhibitions
1982: Railroader Community House in Ferencváros, Budapest
1982: Ministry of Finance Exhibition Hall
1985: Machine – and Automatizational Mechanical College, Kecskemét
1985: József Attila University, Szeged
1988: Cave Gallery of Óbuda, Budapest
1989: Spa Hospital, Balf
1993: István Csók Cabinet of Graphic and Medal, Budapest
1995, 1996, 1998, 2000: ARTEXPO
1997: Congress Centre, Budapest
1997: Cserepes House, Budapest
1998: ”Water”, MC Gallery, Szekszárd
1999: ”Water”, Chamber of Commerce and Trade
1999: ”Cities”, Cellar Exhibition in Ferencváros
1999: ”Cities”, Budapest Bank Budagyöngye Branch
1999: ”Cities”, Tető Gallery
2000: ”Cities”, City Art Gallery, Stockholm
2000: ”Cities”, Marsta Church, Stockholm
2000: ”Time”, Duna Gallery, Budapest
2001: ”Only Trees”, Private Hospital, Telki
2001: ”Only Trees”, Csillag Hall, Kőszeg
2001: ”Cities”, Petneházi Club, Budapest
2001: Kapoli Muzeum and Gallery, Balatonlelle
2001: ”Sky”, Újpest Gallery, Budapest
2001: ”Angels”, Városmajor Second-hand book shop, Budapest
2002: Budagyöngye Shopping Centre, Budapest
2002: ”Entering Heaven”, Artotéka Gallery, Budapest
2002: ”On the bank of the Lethe”, Gallery IX. Budapest
2003: ”Europe”, József Attila Art Centre, Budapest
2003: ”Print”, Karinthy Frigyes Cultural Centre, Budapest
2004: ”Kata Kádár’s ballad and other stories”, Szabó Ervin Library, Budapest
2004: ”Silence curtain”, Volvo Saloon, Budapest
2005: ”Flows of Drawings Line Lianas”, House of Arts, Szekszárd
2005: with Mária Túry and György Kádár, Galéria Lénia, Budapest
2006: ”Hely-Színek”, Klebersberg Kultúrkúria, Budapest
2006: ”Waterpipe”, Újlipótvárosi Klubgaléria, Budapest
2006: with Mária Túry and György Kádár, Vízivárosi Galéria, Budapest
2006: WAX Kultúrgyár, Budapest
2007: „Water collector”, Ybl palace, Budapest
2009: „Coasts” - graphics, Galéria IX., Budapest
2009: „Coasts” - photos, photo-graphics, Bartók 32. Galéria, Budapest
2010: „Relay” - JAMCA, Budapest
2011: „Cities” - Galéria Lénia, Budapest
2011: „On The Way” - photos, photo-graphics, Bartók 32. Galéria, Budapest


She is a steady participant of the Hungarian and the foreign group biennals and exhibitions. (selection)

Works in Public Collections:
Lublin, Majdaneki Museum: ”Peace”
Lublin, Panstwowe Museum: ”Repetition”
Ministry of Education: ”White birds”
Krakow, International Print Tiennial Society: ”Cover”
Foundation for the Hungarian Graphic: ”Party at the waterfront”, ”Slash”, ”Spring”, „Sky” series (5 etching), ”Fjord”, ”Whirlpool I-III”, ”Canyon”, ”Waterfall I-III”, ”Waterspout”, ”Four seasons (4 sieves)”, ”Etch cinome”, ”Fountain I-II”, The forest is a sacred place,too”, ”Anzix in Hell”, ”Angel series I-III.”, ”Angels in the storm”
Gallery of Szombathely, Electographical Collection: ”Port”
Santa Monica, The Living Room: ”Whirlpool”, ”Souvenir”
Ostrow Wielkopolski, Gallery of Moder Art: ”River Barrage”, ”Haiku”, ”Canyon”
The Management of the Museums in Győr-Sopron County: ”The book of the endless horizon”
Kolozsvár: International Biennial of Mini Prints Society: ”Storm”
Kanagawa: Perfectual Gallery, ”Dimness”
Tokyo: Tama Art University Museum: ”Waterspout”, ”River Barrage”
Hódmezővásárhely, Tornyai Museum: ”Slash”
Nádor Gallery: ”Ribbed Picture”, ”Antarctica”
Gallery of Kecskemét: ”Hungarian Saints”, ”Horses and Angels I-II.”, ”Old Hungarian Mary Lamentation”
Hungarian Electrographical Society: ”Code”
Ostroe Wielkopolski, Museum Miasta: ”Silence curtain”, „Cloudswimmers”

1977: Prize poster concept for the competition of the Hungarian Environmental Association
2000: Shared second prize of ”Egg”, exhibition of the Budapest Art Studio Society
2002: Prize of the Hungarian Graphic Workshop Foundation at the Small Graphic Biennial
2002: Second Prize of the Environmental Poster Competition of the Ecoservice Foundation
2005: Public award and of the Workshop Association award of the Contemporary Poets and Artists — Attila József Competition
2006: Purchase Prize of the 14th Seoul Space International Print Biennial


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